A compendium of Recomendo




Powder nutrients

Powder City sells bulk powder nutrients for a fraction of the cost of pills. I buy L-Theanine, which I take when I drink tea and coffee to keep me from feeling jittery. I have also tried Phenibut HCL, a tranquilizer developed by Russia in the 1960s for their astronaut program. It works for insomnia, but I stopped because I don’t want to get addicted. They also sell lots of nootropics (aka “smart drugs”), which I have not tried. To use these powders, you’ll need a sensitive scale, like this one. — MF 

Best box wine

Box wine is under-appreciated. I can get decent red wine in a collapsible bag/box so that I can drink just one glass daily (for medicinal purposes!) and have the full 3 liters never expire. Trader Joe’s has a good Cabernet Sauvignon in a box. — KK

Edible sweet flowers

These Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup have become essential in my life. They can make any cheap champagne taste like liquid gold. The flowers themselves taste like a sweet fruit and they look so pretty sitting at the bottom of a flute. — CD 

Big bag of cashews

I snack on nuts all day long. A couple of months ago I discovered Happy Belly nuts on Amazon. The price is good (a 40-ounce bag of cashews costs $19) and the nuts are fresh and tasty. — MF

Low sugar gluten free snack

Before I take a flight, I toss a few Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind bars into my travel bag. The crunchy bars are gluten free and have just 5g of sugar. The perfect snack for plane or hotel room. — MF 

Flavorful dark tea

I’m on my second one-pound bag of this flavorful Assam black tea. It’s dark and malty and my wife and I drink at least two cups each per day. At $18, it’s a great deal. — MF

Travel size coconut oil pouches

When I travel I take snacks with me: Macadamia Nuts, Starbucks Via instant coffee pouches, and Graze Bars. I recently added a new item: 0.5 ounce coconut oil pouches. They go great with my low carb diet. I can spread it on chicken and vegetables to increase the calories without adding carbs. I love the taste of coconut oil on almost anything. — MF

Darjeeling tea

I like my black tea to have a robust flavor, so I use a lot of it in each cup I make. This organic Darjeeling tea from Vahdam fits the bill. It smells wonderful and is very tasty. A 14.4 ounce bag costs $28. They say one bag makes 200+ cups, but I probably only get 100 cups out of it. Still a good deal! — MF

Favorite plane snack

When it comes to airplane food, I agree with Anthony Bourdain: it’s better to go hungry. But I don’t like going hungry so I pack snacks with me. One of my favorites is the Graze Bar. It’s a tasty, chewy stick of grass fed beef containing no sugar, gluten, or MSG. — MF

Electrolyte tabs

I drop one Nuun tablet into my glass of water in the morning and another before I go to bed. Nuun tablets contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It’s very likely a placebo effect, but I feel better and more replenished from drinking water with a Nuun tablet in it. In any case, it’s a fizzy, citrusy treat that I look forward to. — MF

Inexpensive bulk granola

We eat enough granola that we can’t keep up making our own. But most store-bought granola is way too sweet with sugar. And it’s expensive. For the past many years I’ve been gobbling up Bob’s Red Mill Honey Granola, bought in 4.5 pound bulk packages on Amazon. It is only mildly sweet using honey, and not expensive. We add our own nuts, raisins, etc. — KK

Digest lactose

My wife is lactose intolerant and gets a stomach ache when she eats dairy, unless she chews a Lactaid tablet beforehand. It contains lactase enzyme, which breaks down lactose. It really works. She keeps them in her purse. — MF

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