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Verify Amazon reviews has helped me avoid a few bad purchases on Amazon. It analyzes the product page, adjusts the rating, and reports back on possible unnatural reviews based on unverified and incentivized purchases, word phrase repetition and more. — CD

Personalized creative gifts

I wanted to draw a special memory and give it to my husband on our anniversary, but I draw like a kindergartner. So I hired a fiverr artist to create an illustration for print. I provided a rough sketch and described what I wanted and in return I got something better than I imagined and in less than a day. There are so many creative professionals offering very unique, personalized services (songs, comic books, videos, etc.) that fiverr is now my go-to for gift giving. — CD 

Lowest Amazon prices

Prices on Amazon oscillate week to week far more than you might think. Paste an Amazon url into to see the chart of an item’s price history. If you are not in a hurry, you can use the chart to set a plausible low target price and Camel will send you an alert and buy button when (if) it reaches that price. — KK

Getting good stuff on Craigslist

This brief, succinct blog post has great advice on how to find what you want (at least with used furniture) on Craigslist. For instance, don’t forget to search for common misspellings of your target. These tips match my experience in buying used tools on Craigslist. —  KK

Shop Kickstarter projects

Amazon now has a section where they sell originally Kickstarted projects. Bottom up retailing. — KK 

Best holiday gift guide

For my tastes, the best holiday gift guide is the annual catalog of cool books, games, toys, and diy tools put together by The Kid Should See This website. Ordinarily the site hosts the best video clips your kids should see, but during the holidays they compile this long and annotated list of cool stuff that is aimed at active kids, but also works for adults with young minds. — KK

Spot fake reviews

Before buying something on Amazon, enter the URL for the product at This free service will analyze how many shill reviewers have rated a product, and award a “Fakespot Grade” from A to F. A low grade doesn’t necessarily mean a product is bad, it just means you shouldn’t take the reviews and user ratings into consideration when making your decision to buy something. — MF 

Tailored shopping

When I have an idea of what I want, but don’t want to go searching for it at the mall, I use my ShopStyle app (iOS, Android). I can filter my search according to keyword description, color, size, price, brand, department store, etc. The “Tailored Shop” updates daily and personalizes a store based on past searches and favorites — perfect for virtual “window shopping.” — CD

Subscription box spoilers

My Subscription Addiction spoilers section is my go-to bookmark when I can’t physically wait to get monthly makeup box from Sephora. But this site is so much more than that. It’s a massive directory of subscription boxes you can search by gender, categories, and countries. As well as reviews, promo codes and a free forum for swapping items. — CD

Amazon’s interesting finds

Amazon’s Interesting Finds will give you pages of really cool, surprising stuff. Like this Milk Drop Bowl. I don’t know how they are curating it, but I particularly like the Fun option. — KK 

Shopping must

A great hack to know during shopping days is to always check out RetailMeNot before purchasing anything online, outside of Amazon. There is a high chance I’ll find a discount coupon for a retail purchase I am considering. RetailMeNot will give you the coupon code, and the rate of success others have recently had in using it (the codes are crowdsourced). Discounts of 10, 20, or 30% are not uncommon in my experience. I don’t shop without it. — KK

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