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Application shortcut mapper

The Application Shortcut Mapper has visual keyboard shortcut guides for several popular applications, including most Adobe applications. Spending a few minutes with it could save you a lot of time down the road. I wish I’d learned about it years ago. — MF

Quick formatting tools

Two of my favorite bookmarked sites for quick formatting fixes are StripHTML and Convert Case. StripHTML strips all formatting from text, and Convert Case transforms text to lower case, all caps, sentence case, title case, etc. — CD

Web graphic tool

I wish I’d found Snappa sooner. It’s an online tool for creating web and social media graphic tiles from photos or art. You can upload your own images, or use their images. You can go as simple or as wild as you want with the modification options. A basic account is free. — MF

Two favorite diagrams:

How to stop worrying, and Good, Fast, Cheap. — MF

Downloadable fonts has tons of free fonts, classified by type (e.g., pixel, grunge, retro, etc). They also have very nice “almost free” fonts, usually costing less than $10. — MF

Free stock images and photos

AllTheFreeStock gives you easy access to a bunch of different sites offering free photos, illustrations, stock videos, sound effects, fonts, and icons. A lot of the stuff is of surprisingly high-quality. — MF

Design inspiration

If you are looking for an illustrator or looking for inspiration for your own design, Dribbble is a fine place to start. Enter a search term and you’ll be presented with a grid display of work by dozens or hundreds of contemporary designers. You can save your favorite images to any number of “buckets” for later perusal. — MF

HTML reference guide

If you maintain a website or blog, HTML Reference is a site that has examples of different HTML tags. Many of the tags are new to me, but look useful, such as the article tag. — MF

Logo inspiration

I have started dozens of projects and ventures that require logos. Logobook is an online library of thousands of logos, organized in categories. It’s fun to browse if you’re logo-curious like me. They are all black and white, which I like. (All logos should have black and white versions.) — MF

Digitize printed text

When I need to quote a passage from a paper book or a Kindle, I take a photo of the page with the TextGrabber app (free for Android/iOS). It scans it and turns it into ASCII text, which can be emailed, texted, or saved. It’s very accurate and has saved me a lot of time. — MF

Design your own shirt

I’ve ordered a few custom t-shirts from Uber Prints, and I am very happy with their customer service and product. They have recently widened their selection of styles, and for most there is no minimum order requirement. — CD

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