A compendium of Recomendo




One frame at a time

Sometimes I want to watch a YouTube video one frame at a time. This website lets you enter any YouTube or Vimeo URL and it will display the video with buttons that advance or reverse the video one frame at a time. —  MF

Youtube shortcuts

I can’t believe I didn’t know these Youtube shortcuts before! To pause a video press K. To fast forward press L. To rewind press J. To watch frame by frame forward or backward, press the period or comma key. — CD 

Get the average film ratings of movies

Cinesift is a website that combines film ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Metacritic and gives you the average. What I find the most helpful is that I can filter my movie search by genre, and limit results to only those available on Amazon Prime and/or Netflix Watch Instantly. That way I don’t waste time flipping between services searching for a movie. — CD

Never run out of things to watch

This database of secret Netflix genres will help you out when you can’t find anything to watch. Otherwise how would I ever realize I was in the mood to watch a Mother-Daughter Relationship Thriller if I never knew it was an option? Some of the category codes currently have no movies that fit the description, but that’s understandable when they’re so specific. — CD

Download Youtube videos

The fastest way to download any Youtube video is to replace “www.” with “ss”. This will redirect to you to, where you’ll click on download video in browser and select the video quality you prefer. Done in less than a minute. — CD

Watch videos blocked in your country

I am addicted to TOWIE, a British reality show, but Hulu is very delayed on posting recently aired episodes, and the show website has a country block on their videos. Fortunately, Hola, the free VPN proxy service has never failed to bypass the block, so I can get my trashy reality show fix. — CD

Find out where a show is streaming

In the mood for a particular movie or show but don’t know which streaming service it’s playing on? That’s where JustWatch comes in. Just enter a title and this site will list all the services that offer it, along with prices. — MF


Fast life

Just as I zip through podcasts at 1.5x speed, I recently learned I can speed up YouTube videos too. So now I go through twice as many tutorials. Just click on the gear-circle at the bottom right corner of the YouTube frame, and in the pop-up menu select Speed and your choice up to 2x. — KK

I’m a Netflix subscriber, but the built-in title browsing isn’t great. I use, which lets you browse and search shows and movies in many different ways. — MF

Scary movie tip

Fargo is probably my favorite thing in the world right now, but watching it makes me very tense. Some life-changing advice when watching something scary or suspenseful: root for the villain. Once I decide I want the bad guy to win, I actually get happy when he pops up out of nowhere or kills someone off. — CD

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