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Neighborhood social network

When you sign up for Nextdoor it’s like instantly joining your neighborhood watch group. Plus you get local business recommendations from neighbors, classifieds and events. — CD 

Quora feed email digests

I am signed up for frequent email digests of the top questions in my Quora feed. I get these at least once a day, and often find myself falling down the rabbit hole and discovering new blogs and books and recommendations. One question I am following with really interesting perspectives and answers is: How do I become strong mentally? — CD

One page internet

Every day I get the entire internet compressed into a single page. My first stop is Hvper, which is a super aggregator that collects the top headlines of every news source out there into ONE single page. I see what’s at the top of mind in the both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, plus HuffPo and Fox News, plus Al Jazeera and the Drudge Report. Plus Reddit, Digg, BuzzNews, Twitter, CNN, ABC, Verge, Wired, and on and on. All of it! The whole news media landscape in a one-page dashboard. Each headline is clickable directly to the source. It is fast, clean (no ads!), free and magical. Must read. — KK

Social media digest

More people should know about Nuzzel. It’s the sane and efficient way I consume social media without having to read it. Nuzzel displays the six most recommended links each day among all the people I follow on Twitter and Facebook. So instead of reading those endless feeds, I read my one page Nuzzel digest and get the six best articles that are most read by my friends. — KK

Organize reddit posts is great for the occasional redditor, like me, because I save a lot of posts and then I forget about them. A basic, free account let’s me sync up once a month, organizes all my saves by subreddits, and then I sort through them to revisit, delete or bookmark permanently. A pro account is only $9 per year and lets you link multiple accounts and gives you unlimited saves and monthly synchronizations. — CD 

Get your clickbait fix

I’m still in search for a good chrome extension that summarizes news articles, but in the meantime the subreddit Saved You a Click spoils a lot of the clickbait posts floating around. None of it is real news, but it does satisfy my curiosity and save me a lot of time I would waste clicking through those stupid slideshows. — CD


Universe app

I’ve had a lot of fun in the past few days playing with a new iOS app that creates a mosaic of video, still images, and sound, and into which you can also paste code to create animations and actions. They are cool post-gif loops. You then share and follow others who are creating. Still in beta, it’s called Universe. Follow me! — KK

Best RSS reader

I’ve come to appreciate blogs more and more. They are reliable sources of informed enthusiasm and news that stays new. I’ve been surprised how few people use a RSS reader to subscribe to their select choices of blogs because a great RSS reader like Feedly is a tool I use every day. With Feedly, I can read the newest posts of any blog I subscribe to on my laptop or phone in a smooth, intelligent form. It is MUCH easier to read a blog on RSS than it is to go to the website, and it also strips away all ads and other marginalia, so I only see the core text and images. Feedly isn’t the only RSS reader, but it’s stable and highly evolved and I love it. — KK 

Text-only CNN

This no-graphics version of CNN’s website looks like the web circa 1993, and I love it. I think they should run a couple of text ads to monetize it, because I don’t want them to stop. — MF

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